Can I use Plugable Microscopes with my Android Phone or Tablet?

Last Update: June 7th, 2024
Article ID: 624680

It depends on the Android system you are using. Not all Android tablets or phones are compatible with Plugable microscopes. 

A Plugable microscope is recognized as a webcam by a system.  To use the device, the system must:

  1. Support a common UVC device driver (needs to be included in the OS and active)
  2. The system allows to use an external webcam

Some Android phones or tablets may not support using an external webcam device. This depends on the device manufacturers and models. Unfortunately, this information is usually not published or documented. If you are uncertain about it, please contact the manufacturer of your system to confirm.

If the Android tablet/phone supports an external webcam, Plugable microscopes should work with the camera applications such as 'USB Camera'.  Plugable doesn't provide webcam software for Android.