Software Fails to Start After macOS Wake From Sleep

Last Update: August 16th, 2022
Article ID: 1143465

We have users report that after their Apple MacBook computers wake from sleep some applications will hang at launch or fail to start.

This issue appears to be caused by setting the primary audio output to the Plugable USB Audio device, however some users have also had this occur when using other USB audio adapters, as well as with the MacBook's built-in 3.5mm audio jack.  Using the built-in speakers has resolved this issue, as well as preventing the computer from sleeping.

Until an updated USB audio driver is released we are recommending affected users disable sleep when connected to external power ( when connected to the docking station ) as this has resolved the issue for most affected users.

To disable sleep in macOS:

  1. Unplug the docking station from the computer
  2. Restart the computer: Apple Menu > Restart
  3. Log into the desktop using the built-in keyboard
  4. Open the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Battery
  5. On the left side, select "Power Adapter"
  6. Uncheck the "Prevent your Mac from automatically sleeping when the display is off" to disable sleep
  7. The display can still be put to sleep by selecting the idle timeout using the "Turn display off after" slider at the top of the settings window

We have escalated this issue to DisplayLink and are looking forward to an update either issued from Apple via macOS updates, or from DisplayLink in the form of an updated DisplayLink Manager App, however we do not yet know how this will be resolved moving forward.

As we learn more we will update this post with additional details and a long term resolution when one is available.

Thank you, and we apologize for this inconvenience.