What Amount of Power Can the USB4-HUB3A Hub Provide to Connected Devices?

Last Update: January 5th, 2022
Article ID: 1197202

What amount of power can the USB4-HUB3A hub provide to connected devices?

Each of the three ports on the back of the hub have the ability to provide up to 15W of power to connected devices, and this is typically used to power an external device (such as a Thunderbolt or USB-C storage drive). 

However, this power can also be used to charge devices that have an internal battery, for example a mobile phone or a tablet.  

An additional useful component of this feature is that the charging capability can be used even when the hub is not connected to your PC.  

To put that another way, when your PC is not connected to the hub, the hub can be used as a charging station for up to three different devices. 

The USB 3.2 Type-A port on the front of the hub can provide up to 5V 900mA of power to connected devices.  The USB 3.2 Type-A does not support any other device charging standards (such as BC 1.2)