Can I Connect My High Refresh Rate Monitor (e.g. 120Hz, 144Hz) to a Plugable Dock?

Last Update: July 18th, 2023
Article ID: 1343617

Most Plugable docks do not officially support monitors over 60Hz including 120Hz or 144Hz refresh rate unless otherwise specified on the Plugable product page or listing. 

DisplayLink USB Graphics technology and Silicon Motion based docking stations and graphics adapters, like our USB 3.0 dual display and USB Type-C triple display docking stations, are limited to 60Hz fresh rate by the USB graphics controller hardware.

USB Type-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode docking station and ports on our USB Type-C Triple Display Docking Stations can support higher refresh rates, but may be limited by the computer's capability and available bandwidth to the docking station.  Additionally, when paired with DisplayLink or Silicon Motion USB graphics, having displays at different refresh rates may reduce overall system performance.  Due to this we normally recommend limiting all connected displays to 60Hz refresh rate when using DisplayLink and Silicon Motion graphics technology with directly connected, or USB Type-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode controlled displays.

Monitors with refresh rates higher then 60Hz may be connected to a docking station operating at up to 60Hz, or connected directly on the computer's HDMI or DisplayPort to ensure the display is powered by the system's native GPU.