Magnification and Focus Functionality of the USB2-MICRO-250X Microscope

Last Update: April 30th, 2024
Article ID: 2526997

In this knowledge base article, we aim to clarify the functionality of our USB2-MICRO-250X microscope, particularly regarding magnification and focus capabilities.

Understanding Magnification and Focus:

The USB2-MICRO-250X microscope does not feature a traditional zoom function. Instead, it offers magnification and focus functionalities to achieve varying levels of "zoom." Users can adjust the magnification and focus by moving the microscope closer to the object and adjusting the focus accordingly.

However, it's essential to note that our microscope does not have a digital zoom like some other cameras. Instead, it utilizes digital focus adjustment and magnification.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Begin by placing the microscope on the observation pad grid, nose-down, and resting on the clear shield.
  2. Rotate the focus lens mechanism fully in one direction until it stops.
  3. Slowly rotate the focus lens mechanism in the opposite direction while observing the changes in the preview window of the Digital Viewer app until the object is in focus.


  • At the closest distance with the clear shield touching the object, there are two possible magnifications.
  • The first magnification is approximately 60x, but by continuing to rotate the focus wheel, the image will initially become blurry and then sharp again at a much higher magnification.
  • There are two focal points with the clear shield touching the object, offering focus at two magnification levels.

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