The Blue Power Indicator on the Front of the UD-3900 Is Flashing and My Dock Doesn’t Work, What Is Wrong?

Last Update: June 24th, 2021
Article ID: 701051

That the blue power light blinks indicates the unit is not getting the power it needs to function properly. The first things to check in that case are as follows:

  • That the wall power outlet (or power strip) is working properly. Switching to another outlet or power strip can sometimes help
  • That the ‘prong’ that attaches to the power adapter and provides the 'blades' that insert into the power outlet is securely attached
  • The power adapter is securely connected to both the dock's power input and to the wall power outlet
  • That the correct power adapter model for the dock is in use, as on rare occasions a different power adapter may be used accidentally. A picture of the correct power adapter for the UD-3900 is shown below 

UD-3900 Power Adapter Photo