Does the USBC-NVME Support SMART?

Last Update: August 16th, 2022
Article ID: 627877

Yes!  Our USBC-NVME enclosure does support SMART data.

Access to SMART data is software dependent, we have tested our enclosures with smartmontools, a free, cross platform SMART reading and monitoring utility.  The command line utility smartctl is the primary method for accessing the SMART data.

For our original JMicron enclosures the SMART data can be read using the "-d sntjmicron" argument at the command line, for example:

smartctl -a -d sntjmicron /dev/sdb

Our USBC-NVME enclosures with Realtek RTL9210 chipset use a similar "-d sntrealtek" argument, however this will be automatically detected in future version of smartmontools ( Build #949 (7.2-r5053) as of April 2020 no longer requires the additional argument ). Thank you to the smartmontools team for helping to achieve this!

smartctl -a -d sntrealtek /dev/sdb