Manual Driver Installation Procedure for USB-BT5

Last Update: February 1st, 2023
Article ID: 1667165

Normally Windows PCs with internet access will automatically download and install the USB-BT5 drivers from Windows Update without a separate download.

However if your PC has a built-in adapter or is without internet access a manual installation of the drivers may be necessary to set up the device.

Download the following drivers here

usb-bt5 downloads page

It should open through Compressed Folder Tools, unless you have other decompression software installed

Next we will want to navigate to the Device Manager application and expand the Bluetooth section.

usb-bt5 device manager section

Device Manager > Right Click "Generic Bluetooth Adapter" > Select Properties > 

usb-bt5 device manager properties

Go to the Driver Tab > Update Driver > Select "Browse my Computer for Drivers"

usb-bt5 device manager choose drivers

The USB-BT5 drivers will update and will now be listed as Plugable USB-BT5 Bluetooth Adapter in Device Manager. 

You will want to restart your PC and installation will be complete.