DisplayLink and "Screen Recording" Troubleshooting

Last Update: April 22nd, 2024
Article ID: 2527034

If you have installed your DisplayLink-enabled docking station or graphics adapter and downloaded the DisplayLink software, but see that no displays are working properly, you may need to enable “Screen Recording”. In this guide, we will go over a short list of steps to enable this permission, and get your DisplayLink device up and running!


As of macOS Catalina (version 10.15), DisplayLink drivers that are installed require that the “Screen Recording” permission be granted by the user. While this permission, when used in conjunction with DisplayLink is not recording in a traditional sense, it does allow DisplayLink to access the pixels it needs to render images (mirrored or extended). It then sends these pixels over USB from the computer to the display connected to your DisplayLink connected device.

Note: It does not capture or send any data.


During the installation process for the DisplayLink drivers, you will be requested to allow “Screen Recording” for DisplayLink. Additionally, you may see a notification within the DisplayLink application and when a new device is connected. However, we understand sometimes these may get lost in a sea of information and other notifications.


How do I know if the Screen Recording permission hasn’t been set? Reference the image below to check in your “Privacy & Security” settings

If you have not enabled “Screen Recording”, please follow these few instructions to enable it.

  1. Click on the Apple icon (defaults to the top left corner of your screen) and select “System Preferences
  2. Navigate to and click “Security & Privacy”
  3. In this window, select “Privacy”
  4. A list will be presented, scroll until you find “Screen Recording” and click on it
  5. Displayed on the bottom left, there is a lock icon, click on this to make changes
  6. If prompted, login using your computer credentials to make changes
  7. Check the box next to DisplayLink Manager
  8. You will be promoted to “Quit & Reopen”, click this button
  9. Click on the lock icon once more to save your changes

Note: Some of these steps may vary slightly based on your macOS version


You should now be able to see your displays on your docking station or adapter. If you have completed the above steps successfully and still do not see your displays, please be sure to reach out to our support team at support@plugable.com.