What Are the Main Differences Between the TBT4-240W-1M and the USB4-240W-1M?

Last Update: March 13th, 2023
Article ID: 1706902

While the TBT4-240W-1M and USB4-240W-1M are essentially identical in terms of specifications, the TBT4-240W-1M has passed Intel's notoriously rigorous Thunderbolt™ Certification, which makes it officially Thunderbolt™ Certified. 

The USB4-240W-1M is USB-IF Certified, which is another set of high standards to ensure functionality and interoperability. While it is not officially Thunderbolt™ Certified, it is still fully compatible with Thunderbolt™ devices. The TBT4-240W-1M is also USB-IF Certified.

In either case, you can be confident that our cables will be compatible with your Thunderbolt™ and USB4 devices!