Can I transfer my iTunes content?

Last Update: January 10th, 2022
Article ID: 1199806

Yes, you can!

But, please note that Bravura Easy Sync cannot directly access/communicate with iTunes software. iTunes music files can be transferred over just like any other files and should be in your main Music folder.

What about my Playlists? Can I transfer them too?

Yes, you can do that too!

But, Playlists must be exported into XML files first before transferring, which is easy to do! To do this, open iTunes and click: 

File > Library > Export Playlist

Save the file in a good spot, and then use the Transfer Cable to transfer it over to the other computer.

Note - Click here , to see our Step-By-Step instructions if you need a refresher on transferring.

iTunes Transfer

Here's an official article from Apple with further detail that you may want to review: Save a copy of your Playlists. After transferring the XML file to the new computer, start up iTunes and click:

File > Library > Import Playlist to import the file into your new/other computer

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