HDMI Resolution Issues with Nvidia Graphics Equipped Notebooks

Last Update: January 10th, 2024
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UPDATE 1/10/2024

The issue originally described within this article has been resolved by Nvidia with the release of their GPU driver, version 546.33 dated 12/12/2023 → LINK

If you are experiencing lower than expected resolution via the HDMI video outputs of your TBT4-UDZ or UD-4VPD docking station when using either product with a laptop computer with a discrete Nvidia GPU, updating to the GPU driver referenced above should resolve the issue.  

If that does not help, please contact us at support@plugable.com for further assistance.

The original text of this article is being retained below, for historical reference only. 

*** Deprecated information - For historical reference only ***

If you are having issues with your HDMI display(s) not working at their expected native resolution from your TBT4-UDZ or UD-4VPD docking station HDMI outputs, and your notebook computer is equipped with discrete NVIDIA graphics (or hybrid AMD/Intel + NVIDIA graphics), you may need to install an earlier version of the NVIDIA graphics driver to resolve the low-resolution behavior.

This behavior with low resolution over HDMI (usually 800x600 or 720x576) is due to a what we believe is a regression with the NVIDIA graphics driver past version 532.03. Based on our internal testing and reports from customers any newer driver version at this time will cause this low-resolution behavior. 

It is our current recommendation that if you are running a newer version of the NVIDIA graphics driver and are experiencing this issue to roll-back to version 532.03 which can be found below:


Please note that this specific behavior only affects our TBT4-UDZ* and UD-4VPD docking stations and is currently under investigation (*TBT4-UDZ DisplayPort outputs are unaffected). Once there is a newer NVIDIA graphics driver available that does not exhibit this regression this article will be updated.

To update the NVIDIA Graphics Drivers to the compatible version: 
1) Download the latest graphics drivers from NVIDIA linked above, by clicking on the green "Download" button on this and the next page, save the drivers to the Desktop or Downloads directory 
2) Save and close any open applications, unplug the docking station from the computer, and connect the original power supply 
3) Navigate to the downloaded graphics driver, then right-click on the saved driver installation file and select "Run as administrator" to start the installation process 
4) Allow the NVIDIA driver installation through the "User account control" window 
5) Select the "Custom Installation" option, and on the "Custom Installation" screen, select the checkbox next to "Perform a clean installation" near the bottom of the window, then follow the on screen instructions to update the NVIDIA Graphics Drivers 
 - If there are any errors, please take a screenshot ( using the Windows Snipping tool, or screenshot shortcut [Win]+[Shift]+[S] and attach the screenshot of the error message to an email to ‘support@plugable.com’ and we will be happy to help 
6) When complete please restart the computer ( Start > Power > Restart ) before reconnecting the docking station

Please contact us at support@plugable.com for further assistance.