I’ve installed the Bravura Easy Computer Sync software on both systems, and instead of starting the transfer process both systems say “Waiting for Connection” indefinitely. What’s going on, and how can I get the connection to work?

Last Update: December 29th, 2020
Article ID: 628980

This may seem basic, but, we need to make sure that the Bravura Easy Computer Sync software is installed on both computers. We also need to start the software on both computers to initiate the connection. If you haven't already done so, these are the first steps we need to take.

If you're still having trouble after installing and starting the software on both computers you'll want to try these troubleshooting steps in order:

1. To start, let's give both computers a restart. It's always a good practice to restart your computer after installing software to allow the installation and changes to complete

2. Then, let's make sure that only the Bravura Easy Computer Sync software is running right now while we test the connection

3. Let's try plugging the cable into different USB ports on both computers to see if that allows the connection to go through, and let's swap the cable ends around as well. This is a pretty basic step, but it can really make the difference and hopefully get you going

4. Another important thing to try, is to run the program as an administrator. You can do this by right clicking the application, and choose, "run as administrator" (The transfer program grants direct access to files, so Windows User Account control may flag it, and keep it from running)

5. Finally, if these steps don’t work, let’s try temporarily disabling any antivirus/firewall/security software on both computers. The software can definitely be enabled again, and if the connection works properly, you may need to just add an exception for the Transfer Software to your security program

If you are still having trouble, please download and run our diagnostic program on each computer with the Transfer Cable plugged into a USB port by clicking HERE

A folder with the results will be placed on each computers desktop view after running the tool. If you would, please send send us an email with your Amazon order number, and the folders attached to: support@plugable.com, and we'll be glad to help you.