Can I clone my internal SSD to an NVMe SSD installed in this enclosure?

Last Update: July 16th, 2021
Article ID: 629819

Our USBC-NVME external enclosure can be used as the destination for many full featured retail or open source cloning tools, as long as the tool is compatible with USB storage it should work just fine.

Some SSDs include proprietary or limited capability cloning software.  For example Samsung includes the Samsung Data Migration software and Crucial includes a limited version of the Acronis True Image software.

Cloning software Compatible with USBC-NVME (Realtek chipset) Compatible with USBC-NVME (JMicron chipset)
Macrium Reflect Yes Yes
Acronis True Image (Retail) Yes Yes
Clonezilla Yes Yes
Samsung Data Migration Software Yes - Only to compatible Samsung SSDs No
Acronis True Image (Crucial) No No