I’m Seeing an iTunes Error Message Saying It Has Detected Incompatible Software

Last Update: October 12th, 2020
Article ID: 679454

In recent versions of of iTunes, Apple has made changes that can cause disconnects in Windows 7. This fix usually solves the problem.

  1. Open Explorer
    • Explorer can be opened by clicking the folder icon pinned at the bottom of the desktop near the Start button, or by opening any folder
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\
  3. Find BtITunesPlugin.exe
  4. Right-click on BtITunesPlugin.exe and select 'Rename'
  5. Change the name to Old_BtITunesPlugin.exe
  6. Restart your computer
  7. Make sure your Bluetooth headphones, headset, or speaker is connected, then test it by playing a YouTube video through your web browser
  8. If it doesn’t play, right-click the speaker icon, select 'Playback', then on the Playback tab of the Sound window, make sure the audio device is listed. If it is, right-click the icon and make sure it is selected as the default device.
  9. If the audio device plays, open iTunes. If you see the error message again, please contact us at support@plugable.com. Otherwise select a long playlist and play it. You can play several playlists one after another.
  10. If audio plays, let iTunes play for a while and check periodically to see if the Bluetooth audio is still working