Manual Install Procedure of Driver for the USB-BT4LE in Windows 10

Last Update: August 18th, 2021
Article ID: 728958

Normally, Windows 10 will automatically install the driver for the Plugable Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter. However, there have been some issues with the driver install process in the Windows 10 October 2020 Update (also know as the 20H2 or v2009 update).

First, it is recommended to try manually running Windows Update

  1. Search the Start Menu for update
  2. Click the 'Check for Updates' option

    Search the Start menu for the check for updates option
  3. Click the 'Check for updates' button in the window that appears

    Check for updates in Windows 10

If Windows Update Doesn't Work

If the driver does not install through this process, please try the steps below to manually install the driver that is normally installed through Windows Update.

  1. Download and open it. It should open through Compressed Folder Tools, unless you have other decompression software installed
  2. You should see a folder in there called Broadcom 64. Drag that folder to your desktop and open it. This is to extract the files (you will encounter problems if you don't extract the files before continuing)

    Extract the Broadcom 64 folder
  3. Inside the extracted folder on your desktop, you will find a lot of files, but near the top should be one named "bcbtums-win8x64-brcm.inf" Right-click on that one and select Install. If ".inf" doesn't show, use the one that says "setup information"

    Install the bcbtums-win8x64-brcm.inf file
  4. Click Yes on the User Account Control message. You should see a message that the operation completed successfully

    Accept the user access control prompt in Windows 10
  5. Restart your PC with the adapter installed and then try using Bluetooth again, follow our pairing guide to connect your device

If there are still issues, please contact us for additional support.