Which Plugable USB-C Alt Mode Adapters or DisplayPort Adapters Are Compatible With the TBT3-UDV Dock?

Last Update: November 27th, 2020
Article ID: 743089

To convert the dock’s built-in DisplayPort output to HDMI: Please use the included Active DisplayPort to HDMI adapter (maximum resolution of 4K@60Hz refresh). 

To convert the DisplayPort output to DVI or VGA, please purchase separately an Active DisplayPort to DVI or VGA adapter. The adapter MUST be of the 'active' type, 'passive' adapters will not work.

For systems which support a second display output through the docking station via its second (also known as 'downstream') Thunderbolt 3 port, please make a separate purchase of one of the following:

USB-C to DisplayPort (6′ cable): Plugable USBC-DP Alt Mode Adapter Cable

USB-C to HDMI (6′ cable): Plugable USBC-HDMI-CABLE Alt Mode Adapter Cable

USB-C to VGA (6′ cable): Plugable USBC-VGA-CABLE Alt Mode Adapter Cable


USB-C to HDMI (dongle): Plugable USBC-HDMI Adapter Dongle

USB-C to DVI (dongle): Plugable USBC-DVI Alt Mode Adapter Dongle

USB-C to VGA (dongle): Plugable USBC-VGA Alt Mode Adapter Dongle