I’m Having Problems With My USB 3.0 Dock or Hub That Connected to the USB 3.0 Switch

Last Update: November 4th, 2021
Article ID: 626546

With more devices connected in the "chain", we'll want to start by better isolating where the problem could lie.

  1. Do the problems still occur when the dock or hub is connected directly to a USB port on your computer (bypassing the switch)?
    • If the answer is yes, then this is not a problem with the switch itself and please refer to the product page of the dock or hub for more help
  2. Does the problem occur on both computers connected to the switch or just one of them?
    • If the answer is just one, we're likely dealing with a host-specific problem
  3. Does the problem occur when connected to other USB ports on the computer?
    • If the answer is no, then there could be a difference between the computer's USB ports

These questions should hopefully help you isolate and understand where the issues could lie. Please contact us at support@plugable.com for more assistance, along with a copy of the answers to the above questions to assist in troubleshooting and we'd be glad to help further.