How to - Download Thunderbolt software from your OEM

Last Update: October 17th, 2022
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Why get Thunderbolt software from an OEM?

Our TBT-TRAN Thunderbolt Transfer Cable uses Easy Computer Sync software to transfer files between computers, but, a baseline Thunderbolt connection must be made as well. We recommend downloading Thunderbolt software directly from your OEM to receive the most appropriate software for your computers. Click the following link to see Additional Thunderbolt Software and Connection Information for TBT-TRAN.

Please note, OEM software delivery platforms are specific to each brand, therefore we do not have direct instructions. Below is an alphabetical list of four of the most common Windows PC Manufacturers. Click the link for your manufacturer to look for software, drivers, and instructions. for your computer:

NOTE - If you do not see your computer's manufacturer listed above, check the written material and packaging for manufacturer support information and driver links. Intel has further resources available at the following link: Thunderbolt updates from Intel .

Now, you're ready to download and install Easy Computer Sync onto your computers! You can follow along with this step-by-step guide below:
How to Install Easy Computer Sync

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